Integrate FogBugz and Pivotal Tracker

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FogTracker is a Free and Open Source Software web application and a free service to integrate the best bug tracker and the best agile planning tool on the web. It is written in Python and for Google AppEngine.

Key Features

  • Two-way integration. A user can import a FogBugz case into Pivotal Tracker via Drag & Drop, or import a new or existing Pivotal Tracker story into FogBugz by assigning a special label to it. After the initial import, the FogBugz case and the Pivotal Tracker story are linked to each other, and any further change or comment on either side will be propagated to or reported in the other side.
  • You can link multiple FogBugz projects to one Pivotal Tracker project, multiple Pivotal Tracker projects to one FogBugz project, or multiple FogBugz projects to multiple Pivotal Tracker projects. However, each FogBugz case can only be linked with a single Pivotal Tracker story, and vice versa.
  • FogTracker works with both FogBugz On Demand and your private FogBugz server.

A more complete list of features can be found here.

It's strongly advised that you read the notes and limitations before using FogTracker.

How To Use

You can test-drive FogTracker (or use it for free if you'd like) on this website, or you can grab the source on GitHub, use it, modify it, fork it, and report back any bugs and issues, or leave a comment. In either case, you must follow steps in the how-to page to make the integration work.

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